Take control of your energy consumption, by reducing dramatically the electricity bill. The Law on Production - AutoConsumption of electricity and its implementation, which is known as energy offsetting (net metering), is now active and gives you the ability to produce and consume your own electricity.










We provide you:

  • Study on your energy consumption and its distribution.
  • Design of the proper photovoltaic system according to your needs.
  • Design of the facility according to the available space.
  • Supply and installation of the system.

** The consumption profile, the correct calculation of the asynchronous and absorbed energy, the way to calculate the compensation, the resultin excess energy and the system size require specilized knowledge of the object, and the choise of the designe - installer should be done carefully.


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What is self-production (netmetering)


Self production is the possibility to self-consume the electricity produced by a photovoltaic system, and the consumer to be charged only for the energy absorbed by the grid. The offsetting of the produced and consumed energy is called  net metering.


How does net metering works


Two bi-directional measurers record consumption and production. The produced energy is being consumed on site and when production fell short of consumption, the remaining energy is absorbed by the network and is charged to the consumer. When production is greater than consumption, the excess energy, instead of being stored on expensive batteries, recorded and fed into the grid to be used when production fell short of consumption. The above procedure, ie the allocation of credit and debit kWh, done per counting cycle, the excess kilowatt hours transferred from one cycle to the next measurement and is valid for one year. At the end of the period comes the liquidation (annual balance of incoming and outgoing energy) and if there is a surplus, it is lost for the producer.



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