Monitoring and Maintenance of Photovoltaic System.

The return on your investment in a PV station depends on a number of factors. The initial design of the system, the choice of the basic equipment, the surveillance and maintenance are key factors for proper operation, maximizing performance to ensure your investment. The Enefsys has the know-how to ensure your return on your investment with the maintenance package enefsys 1 plus.









  • Immediate fault diagnosis and restoration of the pv system function.
  • Avoiding accidents.
  • Minimization of production and profit loss.
  • Reduction of the likehood of future damage and reduction of the cost of rehabilitation.
  • Slowing of normal aging of the equipment.
  • Compliance with the conditions governing guarantees and insurance terms of the pv station.
  • Composition and recording of production data, maintainance data analysis and inferences about the future operation of the system.
  • Composition of technical report on the system operation and its maintainance history for claiming indemnities and equipment replacement under warranty.
  • Investor's discharge by dealing with the operation of the pv station. 


I. Solar Station Monitoring

The enefsys energy sector has developed remote monitoring systems of the park through telemetry systems ensuring the proper operation of the station, directly intervening when errors related either to replacement of small materials or to replacement of the equipment occur to ensure uninterrupted operation.

On a daily basis are tracked and recorded a series of data of photovoltaic inverters and strings which in comparison with the theoretical system data give evidence for the proper function of the station.

If the photovoltaic station has a station collecting meteorological data as temperature, wind speed, solar radiation, cell temperature - these data are analyzed and compared with meteorological conditions in the area in order to diagnose and prevent errors.


II. Solar Station Maintenance

The maintenance of a photovoltaic system includes:

  • Recording of the status of the photovoltaic system (Annual).
  • Recording of the used materials in or out of warranty.
  • Composition fo technical report on the operation of the pv system - remarks on the state of the equipment and preventative maintenance needs.
  • Submittion of proposals to optimize the operation of the pv system.


III. Invasive Maintenance

In case of failure we intervene and restore damage within 48 hours. Call us for more information.

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