Enefsys solar is active in the field of photovoltaic systems offering integrated investment plans for the production of electricity for small and large projects. A comprehensive investment plan is a complex process, requires specialized engineers, analysts and technicians, and involves an overview of the installation area, the technical research, the feasibility analysis, the elaboration of a financing plan in cooperation with the credit regime, the installation of the system and the management. This minimizes the risk of the investment and ensures the long-term performance of the project.



Services :

  • Preliminary design and feasibility project analysis
  • Preparation of funding application
  • Design and energy study based on International Standards
  • Supply of certified hardware from leading vendors worldwide
  • Construction by experienced technicians
  • Connection to the grid
  • Maintenance of the project for maximum performance


The enefsys is certified ISO 9001 by DQS.

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