The Energy Sector


Energy is a key factor for the survival and configuration of the conditions of human life. The forthcoming liberalization of the energy market as required by the international commitments of the country coupled with the gradual emancipation of the country from lignite's use due to continuous environmental requirements, has meant a gradual increase in energy costs.


The energy sector is mainly responsible for the environmental pollution, as nearly 95% of air pollution that leads to global warming is caused by the production, transformation and use of fossil fuels. Also, the building sector is responsible for 40% of energy consumption in Greece. The replacement of polluting energy sources with renewable clean energy, and the proper management of energy use is one way to economic and social development and in the history of modern civilization.


Company: enefsys energy efficiency systems


Enefsys is active in the field of Renewable Energy, energy upgrade and energy management in buildings and in the design of modern energy houses. Staffed by experienced engineers of higher education, the company provides EPC (Engineering- Procurement- Construction), which means high-level design, supply and implementation of energy projects.

An important advantage is the possibility of continuing the services provided by surveillance systems and energy consumption of the energy of the installed systems, as well as early diagnosis and repair.


Activation sectors


In the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) sector, the company provides comprehensive investment plans for small and large projects specializing in photovoltaic technology, a promising industry in the use of solar technology for electricity production because,

  • It has low operating costs that are not affected by fluctuations in the international economy and particularly in the price of conventional fuels.
  • Offers to consumers the ability to "pre-market" electricity at a very low price for many years.
  • Contributes to reduction of dependence on conventional non-renewable energy resources.
  • Contributes to strengthening energy independence.
  • Contributes to mitigating the greenhouse effect.


In the energy upgrade and management sector, the company offers complete solutions for existing private and commercial buildings,


  • Residences
  • Hotels
  • Office Buildings
  • Medical Centers
  • Schools
  • Small & Big Industries


as well as  for the construction of new buildings directed to energy efficiency and energy saving.


The above is a complex process that requires skilled engineers, analysts and technicians and includes engineering, feasibility analysis, preparation of project financing in cooperation with the credit system, system installation and management. Lasting purpose of the company is to provide services fully tailored to customer's needs, with the highest possible quality and consistency at the lowest possible cost.


Assured Quality


The company has established and applies a Quality Management System DIN EN ISO 9001 and has been certified by DQS Hellas.


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