Construction & Renovation


The construction of new buildings or the renovation of the old ones, either comes to residential of commercial buildings, constitutes of a complex engineering project, for the proper performance of which expertise, consistency and professionalism are required.


See how you can costruct your new building with us





See how you can renovate your building with us





Understanding the needs of premises and the wishes of users is a prerequisite for a successful outcome in conjuction with kindness and cleanliness of the tecnhicians, facilitate the smooth progress and completion of the project, with no problems of disrupting the daily routine of the users or their proximity to other people.


The range of work is really great and much attention is given to the selection of used equipment, materials and installers. All materials used are derived from worldwide recognized and accredited vendors, and at the same time our partners are selected according to their experience and know-how. The design and supervision of the project is undertaken by engineers, well trained and fully experienced in the sector.


The enefsys undertake all tasks related to a radical or partial renovation, as well as new constructions.


The provided services include:

  • Design and time planning of the project
  • Advanced Job Costing
  • Edition of the required building permits
  • Coordination and supervision of the whole team
  • Rendition of the project, always within the agreed time
  • Guarantees for all used equipment
  • Net Metering - Go Solar
  • Enefsys - Save your energy