You own residential or business building with active natural gas connection?

Then gas fired heat pumps is the solution for heating and cooling your building.


Contact us to design the most effective solution for your needs.





Gas fired heat pumps work in the same way with air-water heat pumps, with the only difference that consume natural gas rather than electricity.

They are strongly recommended for large buildings such as hotels, schools, clinics and large apartment buildings.

The benefit of using GHP instead of electrical air-water heat pumps ranges around 45 € per kW of installed oil boiler and 27 € per installed kW of conventional heat pump.


For a building of 10 apartments, of a total area of 1000sq.m., with a 100 kW of oil boiler and heating oil consumption 5000 lt per year, ie about 6000 €, the cost of heating with air-water heat pump would be about 2.000 € / year, while the cost of heating with GHP about 1.500 € / year. Amortization of the cost of the systems is around seven years.

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