Dismantling of old, purchase and installation of new thermal break series of aluminum frames, which provide enhanced sound - thermal insulation, thanks to a large reduction in the rate of heat transfer through them to and from the interior, and thus greater cost savings for heating and cooling the building. The options offered in aesthetics and safety are so many to cover every possible requirement.


Security Doors

Dismantling of old door, purchase and installation of new security armored door with double shielding electro steel, adjustable heavy duty hinges, with 16 locking points and a choice from a wide variety of designs and colors.


Interior Doors

Dismantling of old doors, purchase and installation of new doors, lined with melamine or laminate, with perimeter gasket on the frame for sound and thermal insulation, with a choice of square or oval frame in various shades and patterns so as to cover all the techniques and aesthetic requirements.

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