Dismantling of your old kitchen and replacement with a new one, with doors made of bakelite or other material in many designs and colors, including: double stainless sink with faucet, drawers with telescopic runners and brakes, stainless steel hinges on doors, aluminum coating at the bottom of the sink cabinet, bin, stainless dresser, knobs as well as sliding hood.



Dismantling of old tiles and plumbing and installation of new tiles on the whole surface of total value up to 20 €/sqm, replacement of WC and tank of high pressure, possibility of construction a built or acrylic shower or tub, bathroom accessories, washbasin and shower faucets and washbasin cabinet with mirror.



Purchase and installation of ceramic tiles or laminate flooring in all indoor areas of the apartment. The tiles can be of Greek, Spanish or Italian origin in many designs, colors and dimensions. The laminate flooring is made in Spain with the most stringent standards of hygiene, safety and durability of wood and synthetic materials, hypoallergic, suitable for interior spaces.

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