Take today advantage of the new solutions offered by technology and reduce electricity bills for lighting by at least 80%!




Lamps of LED technology (Light Emitting Diode) have many years now conquered lighting market in shops, office buildings, and even homes.









And it could not be otherwise since:


  • One LED spot of 5W illuminates exactly the same as a common spot of 30W.
  • LED spots do not get perished by frequent switching on - off like conventional fluorescent lamps.
  • They have a lifetime exceeding 30.000 hours without showing any drop in their performance.





Replace the lamps of your business with LED technology lamps, with a cost of 10 €/sq.m. or 30 €/lamp and save at least 4 € per year per square meter of your business!


The payback is in less than 4 years.



Call us today to save energy and money in your business.




See some examples.


Store 100 sq.m.

Lighting replacement cost 1.200 €

Saving 350 € / year

60 € less in each clearing electricity bill



Store 500 sq.m.

Lighting replacement cost 6.200 €

Saving 1.700 € / year

280 € less in each clearing electricity bill



Store 1000 sq.m.

Lighting replacement cost 12.000 €

Saving 3.500 € / year

580 € less in each clearing electricity bill


* The above costs are indicative. Call us today to be offered of the solution propriate to your needs.

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