By installing an air-water heat pump for space heating, the achieved money saving can come up to 70% compared to oil boiler and from 20% to 40% compared with gas boiler. 




The heat pump can also be used to produce hot water.

Its operation is very simple and is already known by anyone who has seen a common residential air conditioner.

The common air conditioners in the summer remove heat from indoors and reject it to the external environment. The result we feel is the cold air that provides the air conditioning in our room.

In winter, air conditioners remove heat from the outside environment and add it to the interior. The result we feel is the hot air provided by the air conditioner in our room.

The heat pump work just in the same way. Simply, instead of providing warm air to spaces, provide hot water at a temperature of 55 to 80 ºC to the existing radiators, to fan-coil units or/and suitable hot water heater (tank).

Most heat pumps can be used for cooling spaces in the summer, insomuch fan-coils are installed on the premises, which look exactly the same way with common wall air conditioners or otherway, if desired.

Finally, while the common air conditioners usually do not work when the temperature drops below 5 ºC, air-water heat pumps are certified for seamless operation up to -20 ºC.

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