Reduce your oil costs for hot water production up to 70% by installing the propriate heat pump.

You simply have to call us and our engineers undertake to capture your needs, design and propose the best suitable system that will fully cover the needs of your business, on a cost that gets depreciated in less than 2 seasons.

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You own a hotel, rooms to let, private school or a clinic?
Are you concerned on the operating costs of your business?




Save energy and ensure the viability of your business!

With the installation of heat pumps you can save up to 82% on heating and hot water costs.


Watch below an example

For a small hotel of 25 rooms, the saving reaches 2.600 € per year, with an investment cost 5.000 €.

Therefore, depreciation is within only 2 years, while at the same time can be financed up to 60% by NSRF.

*Details below are in greek. Please contact for more information.


As the chart shows, the installation of heat pumps today, with a cost of 5.000 euros, earns a benefit of 8.700 euros in depth of 5 years.

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