Solar heating systems for interior space heating and hot water production


A solar heating system can reduce the oil costs for hot water production, space heating and pool heating up to 50%. 

You simply have to call us and our engineers undertake to capture your needs, design and propose the best suitable system that will fully cover the needs of your business. Do not "burn" more money.  






You own a hotel, rooms to let, private school or a clinic?
Are you concerned on the operating costs of your business?



Save energy and ensure the viability of your business!

With the installation of heat pumps combined with the propriate solar heating system save up to 70% on heating, cooling and hot water production costs.


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For a small hotel of 25 rooms, saving reaches 2.700 € per year, with an investment cost 15.000 €. Therefore, depreciation is within 5 years, while at the same time can be financed up to 60% by NSRF.

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As the chart shows, the installation of a solar heating system today, with a cost of 15.000 euros, earns a benefit of 12.000 euros in depth of 10 years.



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The solar heating technology utilizes the solar energy for space heating and hot water production, covering part of the heating requirements of buildings. It consists of three main parts: the solar panels and two hot water storage tanks, one for heating and one for hot water. These two containers can be nested one inside the other, thereby saving space. Solar heating systems operate in combination, ie contributing to the heat produced by the use of other fuels rather than eliminating it. They can be combined with any conventional source of energy (oil or gas boilers) or renewable energy source (biomass boilers).





The contribution of a solar heating system to the reduction of fuel use, depends upon climatic conditions, altitude, location, plant size and other factors. The ideal cost - efficiency relation comes to a coverage of 40% -60% of the total heat load (DHW and THCH).

To achieve this coverage of 40-60% of the thermal load, based on the average sunshine in Greece and a typically insulated building, the collector area should be equal to 20% of the surface of the heated space and the required storage volume of hot water is about ten times, calculated in liters. For an area of 100 square meters, 20 square meters of flat panels and 1000 liter storage tank are required (about 200 liters for hot water and 800 liters for heating water). The required roof surface should be about 1.5 times the surface area of ​​the collector, ie about 30 m, while the installation of storage containers requires about 3-4 sq.m.


The cost of a system of 20 sq.m., as in the example above, is about 10.000-12.000 euros. The savings that can result in is about 1.3 tons of oil annually.

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