Natural gas installations



Install gas boiler in the apartment or the whole building and reduce your heating cost up to 40%. See in detail below alternatives offered by enefsys and call us for more information.



Modern gas boilers offer money saving up to 50-60% compared to oil boilers, while having extremely clean and quiet operation.

Available in the known freestanding form (such as classic oil boilers) and in wall-mounted form.

The best solution for apartment buildings and houses are wall-mounted gas boilers, which are in the size of a standard kitchen cabinet, while they have very elegant appearance and quiet operation, which allows mounting in any position on the balcony or even indoors.

The great advantage of the wall-mounted boilers is that they can act as hot water heaters as well, providing plenty of hot water only during the time we really need it with literally minimal gas consumption. If the wall mounted boiler gets connected to existing or new solar water heater, then hot water at any time of the day or night with almost zero annual cost is ensured.

The cost of installing a wall-mounted boiler can be financed with up to 1.200  by EPA Attica in 24 installments through gas bills, with only term the connection of at least two apartments of the  building. It may also be subsidized up to 70% of the "Saving energy at home" project.

In the case of apartment buildings, the savings can exceed 60% due to the highly economic operation of gas boilers at part load, ie when seeking heating only a few of the apartments of the building.

The cost of installing a central gas boiler can be funded by EPA Attica in 24 installments through the accounts of natural gas. It may be subsidized up to 70% of the "Saving energy at home" project.

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