Residential Roof in Glyfada



Project location: Glyfada Attica
Project type: Roof Residential
Power: 4.95 kWp
Completion Date: 05/05/2011
P/V modules: Schuco, MPE 225 PS 09 Poly
Inverters: SMA, Sunny Boy 5000 TL - 20
Mountings structure: Schletter
Module tilt | Azimuth: 12° and 18°/-70° and +20°


The project involves a residential roof in the area of Glyfada. This is a two-sided roof and a balcony cover, of total area 188 sq. m. and tilt 12⁰/18⁰.
The installed photovoltaic system has a total capacity of 4,95 KWp, consisting of 22, 225 W modules by Schüco (MPE 225 PS 09 Poly), divided into 2 groups in South – East orientation as follows:
• 11 frames were placed in the southern orientation , in 3 rows landscape, and
• 11 frames were placed in the eastern orientation , in 4 rows landscape.
The inverter used is by SMA company (Sunny Boy 5000 TL – 20).
The mounting system is by Schletter company.
The project was completed and connected to PPC electricity network on 20/5/2011. The estimated production of the system amounted to 7.130 KWhrs yearly.
The monitoring of the system as of 23/9/2011 showed that the system produces more than calculated. According to the inverter the system has produced 3.359 KWhrs, i.e. 43 KWhrs more than estimated.

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