Residential Roof in Ioannina



Project location: Anatoli Ioannina
Project type: Roof, Residential
Power: 9.60 kWp
Completion Date: 20/07/2012
P/V modules: Conergy, Power Plus 240 P
Inverters: Power One, PVI - 10.0 - OUTD - FS
Mounting structure: Alfa Press
Module tilt/Azimuth: 22°/+16° and +106°


The project involves a residential roof in the area of Anatoli Ioannina. This is a two – sided roof in NorthSouth and EastWest orientation, of total area 206 sq. m. and tilt 22⁰.
The installed photovoltaic system has a total capacity of 9,60 KWp, consisting of 40, 240 W modules by Conergy (PowerPlus 240 P), divided into 2 groups as follows:
•    19 frames were placed on the western side of the roof, in 2 rows, portrait order, and
•    21 frames were placed on the southern side of the roof, in 3 rows, portrait order.
The inverter used is by Power One company (PVI – 10.0 – OUTD – FS).
The mounting system is by Alfa Press company. Adjustable hooks were used to attach the mounting aluminium rods on the tile roof. The hooks are mounted on roof logs, are of adjustable height and allow repositioning without breaking of the tiles. Especially in this project high difficulty was found in the removal of the tiles because of their oldness.
The project was completed on 20/07/2012. The estimated production of the system amounts to 11.914 KWhrs yearly.

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