Residential Roof in Saronida Attica



Project location: Saronida Attica
Project Type: Roof, Residential
Power: 8.925 kWp
Completion Date:  29/04/2013
P/V modules: Conergy, PΗ 255 P
Inverters: KOSTAL, Piko 10.1
Mounting Structure: Alfa Press
Module tilt/Azimuth: 12° and 14°/-80° and +100°


The project involves a residential roof in Saronida. This is a two – sided roof in East – West orientation, of total area 81,74 sq. m. and tilt 12⁰/14⁰.

The installed photovoltaic system has a total capacity of 8,925 KWp, consisting of 35, 255 W modules by Conergy (PH 255 P), divided onto 2 sides as follows:

• 11 frames were placed easterly, on 2 parts, in 1 row and in portrait order on the first, and in 2 rows and in portrait order on the second, and

• 24 frames were placed westerly, in 4 rows and in portrait order as well.

The inverter used is by KOSTAL (Piko 10.1).

The mounting system is by Alfa Press Company.

The project was completed and connected to PPC electricity network on 29/4/2013. The estimated production of the system amounts the 12.140 KWhrs yearly.

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