Residential Roof in Vari Attica



Project location: Vari Attica
Project type: Roof, Residential
Power: 9.945 kWp
Completion Date: 08/04/2011
P/V modules: Ying Li, YL 255 C - 30 b
Inverters: SMA, Sunny Tripower 10000 TL - 10
Mounting structure: Alfa Press
Module tilt | Azimuth: 13,77°/-110° and +70°


The project involves a residential roof in Vari. This is a two-sided roof in East – West orientation, of total area 105,5 sq. m. and tilt 13,77⁰.
The installed photovoltaic system has a total capacity of KWp, consisting of 39, 255 W modules by Yingli Solar  (YL 255 C – 30 b), divided onto 2 sides as follows:
• 20 frames were placed westerly, in 4 rows and in portrait order, and
• 19 frames were placed easterly, in 4 rows and in portrait order as well.
The inverter used is by SMA company (Sunny Tripower 10000 TL – 10).
The mounting system is by Alfa Press company. Adjustable hooks were used to attach the mounting aluminum rods on the tile roof.  The hooks are mounted on roof logs, are of adjustable height and allow repositioning without breaking of the tiles.  The project was completed and connected to PPC electricity network on 12/5/2011. The estimated production of the system amounted to 13.550 KWhrs yearly.
The monitoring of the system until 31/10/2011 showed 9.100 KWhrs, a production rate of 1.180 KWhrs higher than calculated (approximately 13%).

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