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Energy Company

Harness the energy


Enefsys as an energy – engineering company is active in the field of renewable energy, energy upgrading & management as well as  construction / renovation of houses. The energy sector as the main responsible for environmental pollution must move away from polluting sources, and switch to mild and environmentally friendly technologies while raising awareness of its proper management. Greece has harmonized the Greek legislation on the energy upgrading of buildings with that of the European Union by Law 4122/2013.

The energy sector is the main responsible for environmental pollution, because 95% of global air pollution which causes global warming is due to the production, transformation and use of conventional fuels. Also, the building sector is responsible for 40% of energy consumption in Greece. The replacement of polluting energy sources with renewable clean energy as well as the proper management of energy use is the only solution in the economic and social development and, more generally, in the historical course of modern civilization.


  • Energy upgrading – “Saving at Home” program
  • Solar – Net metering
  • Energy Services


  • Energy Upgrade per Commercial Sector
  • Hotels, Sport Centers, Schools, Office Buildings, Construction Companies, Hospitals, Agricultural Sector, Public Buildings
  • Energy Services for the Commercial Sector