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Private Sector

Energy Upgrade, Renewable Energy Sources, Energy Services, Building Construction & Renovation Services


The energy sector, as the main responsible for environmental pollution, must be independent from polluting sources of production, switching to environmentally friendly technologies while raising awareness of its proper management. The building sector is responsible for 40% of energy consumption, but in Greece after decades of poor construction practices, we have a huge stock of houses constructed with poor choice of materials, little or no insulation, being energy intensive and expensive to maintain.

Energy Upgrade

“Saving at Home” program & participation criteria. Energy saving solutions.

  • Heat Pumps – Air Conditioning
  • Energy frames (doors, windows)
  • Thermal insulation
  • Natural gas
  • Solar Water Heaters


Get control of the energy you consume, drastically reducing your electricity bill up to 70%. The installation of a photovoltaic system that is sized to your power consumption through the application known as net metering gives you the ability to produce and consume your own electricity.

Energy Services

Enerfy Services for the Private Sector

  • Energy Audits / Certificates
  • Energy Consultant
  • Legalizing Building Code violations 
  • “Saving at Home” program
  • Remote control systems for energy saving

For Businesses

Energy constitutes an important part of business operating costs. The ever-increasing cost of electricity, heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water can be controlled and contribute to reducing operational costs with appropriate energy planning, which requires a study of the current situation, the drawing up of an action plan and the selection of the best technological and economic solutions. A basic criterion for selecting solutions is their immediate applicability, with particular emphasis on investment costs and expected annual savings, and consist of Horizontal measures (Energy Data and Forecasts Collection) and Specialized Measures per Business.