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The Company



Enefsys energy engineering

Enefsys designs and implements energy upgrading projects in the building sector, designs, implements and monitors photovoltaic power production projects, operates as energy consultant, and manufactures low energy consuming buildings (NZEBs).

Assured Quality

The company has established and applies Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and has been certified by DQS Hellas.


In the field of Energy Upgrading and Management, the company provides complete solutions for existing private and commercial buildings, Residences, Hotels, Office Buildings, Medical Centers, Schools, Manufacturing & Industries, as well as for the construction of new buildings in terms of energy efficiency and energy savings.  The above is a complex process requiring specialized engineers, analysts and field technicians, including technical study, financial and technical analysis, preparation of a financing plan in cooperation with the credit system, the installation of the system and its management. The company’s long-standing goal is to provide services that are fully customized to the customer’s needs, with the highest possible quality and consistency and the lowest possible cost

In the field of Renewable Energy Sources (RES), the company provides integrated investment plans for small and large projects specializing in photovoltaic technology, a promising sector in the utilization of solar technology for the production of electricity because

  • It has low operating costs that are not affected by the fluctuations of the international economy and in particular the conventional fuel prices.
  • It offers consumers the possibility of “pre-buying” electricity at very low prices for many years.
  • It contributes to reducing dependence on conventional non-renewable energy resources.
  • It contributes to strengthening energy independence.
  • It helps to mitigate the greenhouse effect

In the Construction sector, the company has the know-how of designing and building low-energy buildings. She is active in the construction of buildings in Greece and abroad, having the financial and management responsibility of the project (investor / developer), but also as a project manager, exercising the financial and technical supervision of the project. The building sector is responsible for 40% of energy consumption, but in Greece after decades of poor construction practices, we have a huge stock of houses constructed wrongly, with poor choice of materials, little or no insulated, energy-intensive and expensive to maintain. Enefsys designs and manufactures near-zero energy consumption homes (NZEB), but also undertakes the renovation of old homes based on aesthetic and functional upgrades. In recent years, an important part of the construction activity is the renovation of residential and commercial buildings by undertaking the issuance of the necessary permits, the design, the reconstruction and the aesthetic upgrading of the building. The company also offers all engineering services.